Starring Vera-Ellen, David Niven, Cesar Romero, Bobby Howes, Diane Hart, Gordon Jackson, Barbara Couper

Happy Go Lovely - Film | Park Circus

(6-Good Film)

Light. Modest. Enjoyable.

Phyllis Gardiner: No money, no opening date, no system… Chaos, chaos, chaos!

B.G Bruno (Niven) is the richest man in town. He might be the richest man in all of Scotland. When struggling chorus girl, Janet Jones (Vera-Ellen), is mistakenly thought to be the recluse’s girl, she starts getting all kinds of favors including being made the star of an upcoming show. She decides not to set the record straight. Bruno, hearing the rumors of him and some chorus girl, goes to the dance hall to investigate and is mistaken by Janet for a newspaperman. Instantly smitten with her, Bruno decides not to set the record straight. This is the old comedy of misunderstandings model that Astaire and Rogers’ films always employed. It’s used well here and though there isn’t much in terms of drama, Happy Go Lovely is a satisfying romantic trifle with Niven’s effortless charm.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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