Starring Fernando Ramos da Silva, Marília Pêra, Gilberto Moura, Jorge Julião, Tony Tornado


Brutal. Moving. Unforgettable.

Some movies depict parts of the world as bad as I can imagine. Pixote is worse. I never could have imagined the things it shows. Pixote is a hellish vision of youth in third-world Brazil made all the more brutal with its documentary-like approach to the subject. Apparently, at least at the time this film was released, São Paulo was overrun with orphans. As a result, a law was made that under the age of 18, regardless of the crime committed, you could not be put in jail. There was no room in jails for kids who would likely commit crimes just to have a place to stay. Because of this, kids were often paid by adults to commit crimes for them. Seen through the wide expressive eyes of the eleven-year-old titular character, kids are reduced to savagery in order to survive. Shocking, sobering, unforgettable, Pixote is a great film with one of the best child performances ever.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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