Starring Donald O’Connor, Olga San Juan, Martha Stewart, George O’Hanlon, Jody Gilbert, Julie Gibson, Noel Neill, Lew Parker

Image result for are you with it 1948

(6-Good Film)

Erratic. Entertaining. Lively.

A talented actuary with his entire life mapped out, Milton Haskins (O’Connor), is thrown off course when he finds he’s made a mistake in his work. The math whiz, once believing himself to be infallible when it comes to numbers, takes the gaffe hard and walks out on his job and his loyal fiancée, Vivian (San Juan). Walking through the park to shake off his troubles, he meets sheisty carnie “Goldy” (Parker), who quickly inveigles Milton into assisting on a host of cons. Are You With It? feels almost directionless as far as story. It’s a series of contrivances to see O’Connor and the supporting cast sing and dance. You could claim that that describes every musical, but here, the results seem especially episodic. Disjointed though it may be, Are You With It? offers plenty to enjoy: lively music and dance numbers, snappy dialogue, engaging cast. On the whole, it’s a solid musical.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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