Starring Donnie Yen, Zhang Yin, Lynn Hung, Patrick Tam, Mike Tyson, Karena Ng, Kent Cheng

(6-Good Film)

Solid. Entertaining. Overworked.

Ip Man (Yen) returns, the famed disciple and teacher of Wing Chun, a branch of martial arts. In this sequel, Man battles personal tragedy, his wife is diagnosed with cancer, along with social strife as local triads beleaguer his town. Man’s friendship and later rivalry with Cheung Fung, a man who claims superior and true Wing Chun skills, gradually moves from the background to the forefront of the story just in time for the climax. The inclusion of Mike Tyson signifies the film’s all around appeal to commercialism. It loses some of its previous installments grit and realism on that account, but it remains a well acted, well-choreographed action film with a number of impressive fight scenes and a protagonist we love.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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