Starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Nicholas Hoult, Joe Alwyn, Mark Gatiss

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(6- Good Film)

Aberrant. Resplendent. Crass.

Playing fast and loose with history, The Favourite begins with young Abigail (Stone), a seemingly kind, unassuming daughter of a gambler, joining the staff of Queen Anne (Colman) in 18th century England. Abigail is the cousin of Queen Anne’s closest advisor, Sarah Churchill (Weisz), and slowly works her to becoming the lady’s confidant, but Sarah Churchill turns out to be more than just an advisor to Queen Anne, and Abigail is much more ruthless than at first she appears. Like my previous experiences with Yorgos Lanthimos’ films, I find The Favourite unappealingly vulgar. Unlike previous films of his, The Favourite comes out okay, anyway. The performances are first-rate, with Olivia Colman earning an Oscar for her sympathetic, funny, grotesque portrait of the Queen. It’s tremendous work and raises the film above its sordid tendencies.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-




3 thoughts on “The Favourite (2018, Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos) English 6

  1. So, what keeps it from being great? I believe this film to be a masterpiece. It’s more than just performances. It is transformative in its cinematography, sound, and editing. The screenplay itself was 20 years in the making, written by an historian. I feel like this film is more honest than any other costume drama I’ve ever seen. The dialogue, which you consider grotesque, in my opinion made the characters in it flawed like they needed to be. What aspect did you find grotesque? Because Scarface, the handmaiden, and plenty of other films that could be considered more grotesque in language you gave 8’s or higher. I’m only asking because it seems to be your only criticism of it. I’m not really sure how dirty language can be made a criticism.


  2. What keeps the film from being great and only good? In my opinion it is a masterpiece. A film you say “plays fast and loose with history” was written by a historian! This film was not written by Yorgos, therefore can’t really be compared to the lobster. The grotesque humor is actually well written, and fits with the flawed characters. What aspect did you find grotesque? Lastly, this film is innovative in its sound, cinematography, and editing. It is more than an Olivia Coleman performance. This film is carried by all of the leading ladies of this film, Emma stone and Rachel Weisz, which you fail to mention. I think you need to go more in depth. How does the grotesque aspect in this not appeal to you, but Adam Sandler movies and will ferrell comedies do?


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