Starring Jennifer Jones, Charles Boyer, Peter Lawford, Reginald Gardiner, Helen Walker, Reginald Owen, C. Aubrey Smith

Image result for cluny brown

(6-Good Film)

Charming. Witty. Elegant.

Cluny Brown is a wonderful character, played beautifully by Jennifer Jones. A working woman in 1930’s England, her uncle does his best to teach her her place in society and to not go beyond it. Working as a servant, she meets and befriends Adam Belinski (Boyer), who seems to be a foreign charlatan at first, but later proves to be a political refugee. He’s instantly smitten with her, and while she sees him as just a friend, he eventually wins her over with his kindness. As lovely as all Lubitsch’s films are, with great leads and sharp commentary on gentle society, Cluny Brown is an underrated gem.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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