Starring Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming, Roland Young, George Reeves, Jim Backus, Roland Culver

Image result for the great lover bob hope

(6-Good Film)

Funny. Suspenseful. Appealing.

Bob Hope as the leader of a group of boy rangers is, in itself, a joke. Hope, apparently a notorious womanizer, in The Great Lover plays Freddie Hunter, a would-be earnest scout leader sorely tempted by the beautiful Duchess Alexandria (Fleming) aboard a ship returning them all to America. Aside from that, Hunter’s being used as a pawn by a murderess con artist named Dabney (Young), targeting the Duchess’ father, Grand Duke Maximillian (Culver). It’s a fair mix of mirth and murder, silly gags and suspense, and Hope and Fleming make the grade. Plus, Roland Young is one of the great classic Hollywood character actors, and it’s interesting to see the Topper star as a psychotic killer.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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