October. The month of Halloween. The month of Halloween movies. And, this year, the month of the Halloween reboot. Perhaps my favorite month of the year. October 2018 looks stacked. One exciting film being released after another, but, I hate to be purely optimistic. That’s why I’m going to Jekyll and Hide the five films I’m most intrigued by this month; play devil’s advocate with myself. Here goes:

October 5

A Star is Born

Image result for a star is born 2018

Directed by Bradley Cooper           Starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Walter: 95% on Rotten Tomatoes would seem to suggest that director and star, Bradley Cooper, has pulled it off; it being a remake of an oft told story. All eyes will likely be on Lady Gaga, getting her first real star vehicle. She’s talented, Cooper’s a strong actor. That should be enough to sell A Star is Born 2018.

Tyrone: I’ve seen enough bad movies directed by actors to last me a lifetime. I don’t discourage their ambition to try and branch out, but, more often than not, the film turns into a vanity project. Bradley Cooper has given himself a plum role as an alcoholic with a country accent. Accents+sickness=Oscar Bait. The best version of A Star is Born is the 1954 musical starring Judy Garland and James Mason. That film knew to give Garland the spotlight. Will Cooper allow Lady Gaga to shine?


Image result for venom 2018

Directed by Ruben Fleischer          Starring Tom Hardy

Walter: Hardy is an exciting actor. He’s never really had a starring role in a huge mainstream movie. With Venom, hopefully he brings something interesting to the somewhat obscure anti-hero.

Tyrone: Hardy’s mainstream attempts as the lead suck. Venom is a dumb character, and the fan base for this Marvel creation isn’t big enough to justify the blockbuster treatment. The trailer did little to change my mind. I don’t recall the context (it doesn’t matter), but Tom Hardy as Venom actually utters the line, “like a turd in the wind.” I don’t know anyone who’s happy  about the PG-13 rating. I’m predicting a box office bomb and critical failure. I’m also predicting that I won’t know what Hardy is saying.

October 12

First Man

Image result for first man 2018

Directed by Damien Chazelle    Starring Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy

Walter: An immersive look at Neil Armstrong’s quest to be the first man on the moon. Another critical favorite and a sure-fire bet for later Oscar consideration. Chazelle’s first two films were Whiplash and La La Land. That’s a good track record.

Tyrone: La La Land was overrated, and I’m not that interested in space travel. I thought Gravity was boring

Bad Times at El Royale

Image result for bad times at the el royale

Directed by Drew Goddard        Starring Jeff Bridges and Chris Hemsworth

Walter: The trailer is a knockout. Seven strangers with secrets clash in a secluded hotel. Directed by Drew Goddard, who gave us the insane Cabin in the Woods. I love a good mystery.

Tyrone: This looks extremely similar to Tarantino’s Hateful Eight.

October 19


Image result for halloween  2018

Directed by David Gordon Green       Starring Jamie Lee Curtis

Walter: Great slashers are few and far between. The original Halloween is one of the very best, and so, I couldn’t be more amped up for this reboot. Jamie Lee Curtis is back, and all the lame Halloween sequels (I don’t consider Season of the Witch a Halloween movie) are forgotten.

Tyrone: I don’t have any negative expectations with this film. I have huge expectations, and the only risk is it not measuring up.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-



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