Blockbuster films took a huge step forward over the past few years with the casting of John Boyega in a lead role in the new Star Wars trilogy and Diego Luna in Rogue One. Black Panther became the highest grossing, predominantly black movie ever in February, and Crazy Rich Asians showcases Asian Americans, in what I’m sure will be a hit worldwide. Film is heading in the right direction, I like to think, but it still has a ways to go to catch up to television. Name a demographic or a minority and there’s probably a show. Indian American: Master of None, and it’s not just that the show features an Indian American lead. Aziz Ansari created the show and writes for the show, meaning his voice is there. Single mothers, young black singles, Asian Americans,  traditional Hispanic families, twenty-something white women, etc. There’s a show. Obviously, the reason television is more willing to branch out has to do with the relative inexpensiveness it takes to produce a show, but film should takes notes on how wide open television has become. Television is more diverse than ever before, and people are watching television more than ever before.

-Walter Howard-


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