Starring Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, James Fox, John Gavin, Pat Morita, Carol Channing, Beatrice Lillie

Image result for thoroughly modern millie julie andrews

(7-Very Good Film)

Zany. Comical. Inventive.

Set in the 1920s, Millie Dillmount (Andrews) moves to New York aiming to get a job and marry her wealthy boss, determined to be a “modern woman.” She accomplishes the job part, and finds her boss to be just as handsome as she imagined for herself. The problem is, he’s more interested in Millie’s sweet and innocent new friend, Dorothy (Tyler Moore), and Millie’s actually more interested in a young man, Jimmy Smith (Fox), who doesn’t have a dime to his name. Both spoofs the ’20s era and reveres it, Thoroughly Modern Millie is enjoyable and abundantly stylish, with a madcap subplot involving white slave trade and oriental henchman. Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore veer ever so slightly from their girl next door personas, which is fun, without sacrificing any charm or likability. Carol Channing, designated scene-stealer, is such a unique and odd person, she’s effortlessly amusing.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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