The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Halfway through Christopher Nolan’s daunting superhero epic, Batman squares up against his newest supervillain: Bane. Unlike The Joker or even Ra’s al Ghul. Bane represents a physical challenge to Batman. Bane is, in fact, stronger than Batman. This scene, their first face to face encounter, underneath Bruce Wayne’s armory is a beautiful rush of adrenaline. It’s strength against strength. A remarkably choreographed bout, and one that results in Batman having his back broken by Bane. This sets up the best story arc in all of Nolan’s trilogy. It’s one that’s been done before in other films, but never seems to grow old or ineffective. The hero loses to his nemesis, only to come back and win in the end. Think The Hustler. Think The Karate Kid. It’s my favorite scene in the series, and the main reason, going against the grain, I believe The Dark Knight Rises is the best in the trilogy.

-Walter Howard

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