Wall-E (2008)

I clearly have a soft spot for dance numbers, but this one’s a little different. It’s in an animated movie, between two robots, and it’s set in space, but that doesn’t keep it from being as enchanting and wonderful as any of the best numbers old Hollywood had to offer. Wall-E, robotic protagonist of this great film, works alone on a desolate Earth, following his directive, but longing for more. Writer-Director, Andrew Stanton, compares the character to the biblical figure Adam, living alone in Eden before Eve comes along to give his life purpose. Once the character, Eve, shows up, Wall-E is smitten, and thus begins their adventure which leads them into space, aboard The Axiom, a safety vessel meant to protect the last remaining humans. In this scene, Wall-E and Eve share a moment, and the animation and the film-making to me are peerless.

-Walter Howard-

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