In its 6th season, for its 19th episode, 30 Rock returned to a live show format it tried the season before with great success. In this episode, Live from Studio 6H, Jon Hamm makes a cameo appearance as a man who lost his arm in a bizarre accident. He then gets a replacement as part of a program where people who were executed by the state’s limbs are donated to people in need. This gave me an idea for a ridiculous film:

Image result for black hand white hand

A caucasian concert pianist loses one of his hands in an accident, and loses his ability to perform, as well as all will to live. Severely depressed, he turns to drinking, and watches the days go by. One year later, a friend, tired of seeing his friend spiral, suggests a rather sketchy black market procedure he knows about, but has never tried himself. It’s an under the table, unlicensed medical procedure that gives people in need the limbs of someone executed by the state. Our protagonist, desperate to return to his old way of life, consents, and proceeds with the operation. Soon, he’s a new man now with one white hand and one black hand (courtesy of some executed criminal). All is well until he finds the new hand has a mind of its own. Is the hand trying to kill him? Eventually, he finds out that the hand is not actually attempting to murder him, but is trying to clear his former owner’s name. The man who the hand once belonged to was framed and executed wrongfully. Thereafter, the concert pianist and his new black hand team up to solve the mishandled case, and the film becomes like an odd buddy cop movie.

-Walter Howard

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