It’s Always Fair Weather (1955)

Gene Kelly has a career full of spectacular song and dance moments in film. In It’s Always Fair Weather, he provides one of his best numbers, singing and dancing on skates. Emulating their earlier success with Singin’ in the Rain (1951), director Stanley Donen and star/co-director Gene Kelly reteamed for this less successful movie musical. In a number of ways, it does, you could say, rehash the model set in the former film, but hat it’s not as great as Singin’ in the Rain can hardly be viewed as a real indictment. It’s Always Fair Weather is a fantastic movie, and its best scene comes when Gene Kelly’s character, Ted Riley, struggling with an awkward reunion with two former friends and unsatisfied with his life, finds that he’s in love, and it’s possible that she loves him back. The woman in question? Jackie Leighton played by Cyd Charisse, a career gal using Riley and his old friends for an advertising ploy. “Could it be I Like Myself,” Kelly sings. He then breaks into a nifty tap dancing number on skates that artfully combines athleticism with grace and inventiveness. Kelly makes it look easy, and the bittersweet undertones  accentuate the joy of his new feelings.

-Walter Howard-

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