Image result for avengers infinity wars         One week from, let’s contemplate the enormous haul Avengers: Infinity War will bring in. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe kicked off ten years ago with Iron Man, grossing $585 million worldwide on a budget of $140 million. The first Avengers made $1.5 billion on a $220 million budget. Their last film, Black Panther cost $200 million and grossed $1.3 billion. I’m liking Infinity Wars to cross into the $2 billion range (rarified air). Only three films- Avatar, Titanic, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens-can claim that to this point. I’m seeing Infinity War as sort of a conclusion to the first few phases of their franchise, predicting numerous deaths to Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America among others. People tend to show up for the end of things; talking about the casual Marvel audience, the ones who can take it or leave it. Add to this, the lack of serious competition, for a long while anyways, and the increase in theater prices, and why shouldn’t this film outperform its predecessors.  I have no doubts about its opening weekend potential. Box office mojo projects a $235 million opening. That would make it the second largest opening ever. I’m predicting it will make $250 million, breaking the record for weekend gross, a record currently held by another Disney property, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which brought in nearly $248 million in its first three days. How far does it go after that? Total gross is all about longevity. I’d like to see Avengers: Infinity War climb the record books, simply because it’s fun to have these massive event type films. Longevity will depend on essentially how good it is. Rotten Tomatoes score will factor in long term. Audience score will factor in. If the fans are happy,  they will drive Infinity War into the record boos. I’m predicting just over $2 billion, for fourth place all time.

-Walter Howard-


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