Fourteen long years later, Pixar is finally giving me the one sequel I’ve vocally asked for. Not another Cars movie with more of a focus on a character voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. Not the unnecessary, though solid, Monster’s University or Finding Dory. Not even Toy Story 3 which was outstanding. As I walked out of the theater after The Incredibles ended, I knew I wanted another one. The Incredibles, for my money, is tied with Unbreakable for best super hero film. It was a satire of the golden age, super campy era of super heroes of old, a suburban family comedy, and an effective action thriller all rolled into one terrifically entertaining movie. This sequel will want to emulate that, while finding a way to be surprising and inventive. The official trailer dropped, and I’m feeling excited. These are my questions heading towards this June 15th release:

1. Will it remain an effective satire? The first film spoofed a completely different era of superheroes than we’re getting in movies today. The capes and evil monologues have died out, and so I’m wondering if Incredibles 2 will go after some clichés of the Marvel super hero era. Maybe the post credits scenes, or the fact that a number of the Marvel’s roster don’t even have powers. Tony Stark’s basically what Syndrome wanted to be in the first film. I’m also getting the sense that social media might be a major theme in the movie.

2.  How will we see Mr. and Mrs. Incredible’s powers expand in this film? The trailer shows Dash running through portals and Violet using her force shields as weapons she can throw. One of the best features of the first outing was the inventiveness the animators demonstrated with the family’s pretty generic skill sets. Elastigirl manipulated herself into a parachute at one point, if you remember.

3. Will the film have a charismatic villain? Based on this trailer, it seems like the main villain is going to be a mystery within the film. The Screenslaver. I enjoy a legitimate surprise, but Disney’s mysteries tend to be fairly obvious (Big Hero 6). If I can guess who the bad guy is from the jump, I’d rather that “big reveal” element be taken out in favor of a straightforward, but interesting villain.

4. Will we be getting any new superheroes? I suppose Jack-Jack counts, but I wonder if he will play a larger role in this film’s action beyond comic set piece. Wikipedia reveals some mystery character named Voyd, who can basically teleport objects. I’m betting right now that she’s the bad guy/ The Screenslaver.

5. Can Frozone be in it more? I loved Frozone in the first film, and they definitely gave him his moments to shine, but I’m hoping he gets more screen time in this one. The trailer would suggest this being the case.

-Walter Howard-


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