Mind games. Whether it’s from the trailers or from something one of its cast members said, Marvel is messing with its fans, I say. Chris Evans apparently has hinted at hanging up the suit (suggesting his character may die), the creators of Thor have indicated sequels to Ragnarok (suggesting he lives), but I’m not buying any of that noise. Remember when prior to Rogue One’s release, announcements for a sequel were made. *Spoiler Alert* All the characters in that film die, so the sequel announcement was just the press team playing tricks on us, trying to preserve the surprise of the ending. Here is my second attempt at predicting which Marvel characters will die in Infinity War, coming to theaters April 27th. This is based completely on my own reasoning, and not swayed at all by what the trailers indicate or what any actor or producer has said. Can’t trust them.

Image result for iron man1. R.I.P Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. Best known for his work with Stark Industries and The Avengers, he has already completed his solo trilogy, and costarred in five other films besides. He dies doing something impossibly heroic that contrasts with his self-absorbed demeanor at the end of part 2, reminiscent of Sidney Carton (Tale of Two Cities).

Image result for captain america avengers2. Goodnight Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. Though called Captain America, you died saving the world, working together with frenemy Tony Stark at the end of part 2. After a solo trilogy, and several other appearances, actor Chris Evans is surely ready to move on.

Image result for thor avengers3. Au Revoir, Thor, son of Odin, and King of Asgard. You had just become interesting after New Zealander, Taika Waititi, inserted a sense of humor into your makeup. Surprisingly, the actor who plays you, Chris Hemsworth, was game. Solo trilogy finished, high note achieved, you died in the second part, but not before seeing your brother’s death avenged.

Image result for doctor strange4. Farewell, Stephen Strange. I’m sorry, Doctor. You only had one solo movie, so your death in the first part took everyone by surprise, but someone had to go in order to establish how serious the situation is, and formidable Thanos is. Benedict Cumberbatch is an Oscar nominated person. He should be alright without you.

Image result for vision avengers5. Light-speed Vision, the hero formerly known as Jarvis.  Voiced by Paul Bettany, before you were physically played by the actor, you have low-key been a big part of the Marvel universe. Unfortunately you are the first die by Thanos’ hands.

Image result for loki avengers6. Game over, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. You were always more fun than Thor. Thankfully, you two had a nice scene before you die in part one, and Thor vowed to avenge you.

How mad would people be if T’Challa as Black Panther dies? The idea of fans rioting amuses me. He’s on my list with Spider-Man as untouchable. No way do they die. Everyone else is fair game, though I’ve revised my original take of a large amount of deaths to six, devastating deaths to really deliver that epic and grandiose feeling this new set of films is going for.

-Walter Howard-

One thought on “The Casualties of the Infinity War (Alternate Predictions)

  1. Dreadpirates Two Cents: Interesting choices. I have no idea what they are going to do however as a fan of the comics I should point out that in the Infinity Gauntlet graphic novel EVERYONE DIED!! I think out of your choices all of them bit the dust I think except for Doctor Strange and Loki. Doctor Strange managed to survive and along side Adam Warlock, The Silver Surfer, and The Hulk managed to initially beat (barely) and then talk down Thanos and convince him to join him against Nebula who takes the gauntlet from him. And Loki avoided the conflict all together. He was like No! Fuck that! I’m staying on Asgard. Iron Man got his head ripped off by Terraxia, Thor was turned to glass and then shattered into a million pieces, and Cap walked right up to Thanos’ face and made a defiant stand against him that is still today considered one of the greatest moments in comic history. And then he got his neck snapped when Thanos back handed him for his troubles. The original graphic novel by Jim Starlin is not a story about the Avengers triumphantly defeating Thanos. It’s for lacking a better word a Shakespearian mythological tragedy in which all the heroes make a stand against a powerful evil they have no chance at stopping and die for their trouble. They go down like heroes fighting to save the world but they lose. And the reason for that is it’s not really their story. It’s Thanos’ story. It’s about his rise and fall. It’s about him achieving godhood and crushing everyone in his way and trying to use all that to win the heart of woman, a woman whose not really a woman, she’s the living embodiment of death, and he does all this because he’s fucked up and even with all this power he can’t fix his own soul and in many ways and as Adam Warlock points out, he wants to be defeated. It’s a very good read. It’s one of the best classic comic book stories out there. It’s one of those books I point to and remind people, hey, comic books are literature. Comic books are art. So the issue is are we going to see that on the big screen? Probably not. If they did, they would be cool and maybe a little ballzy but even then they would have to change things up a bit to make it a satisfying film. Rich Evans of Red Letter Media has some pretty good ESP and he predicts that the plot of the movie is going to be “The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy have to stop Thanos by learning to work together as a team.” Which is something we’ve already seen before from this franchise. But that’s not bad. Civil War was almost nothing like the Civil War comic book event and it was still great. The movie will probably not be as, well, deep, as I would argue the comic is but as long as they passably adapt the Infinity Gauntlet into movie form I will be happy. I have literally been waiting for an Infinity Gauntlet movie since I was in high school about 20 years ago. Me and my buddy Josh, also known as the Comic Guru, were reading comics in school and talking about how awesome it would be to seen and Infinity Gauntlet movie and the pervailing feeling at the time was “Oh, it’s never going to happen.” Well it’s happening and I’m very excited 🙂 But as for who may actually croak in the film. I think one thing your factoring in that shouldn’t be ignored is what the actors themselves want and have plans for. If Robert, Chris, or erm, Chris, want to move on and close out the arcs of their characters, then yeah this is the two parter to do it in. But as for who I think IS going to die in Infinity War or at the very least severely incapacitated? Vision. Definitely Vision. Why? He’s god the mind gem attached to his head. How do you think Thanos is going to get it? And believe me Thanos is getting all six of those gems on his gauntlet.

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