Starring Frank Sinatra, Gena Rowlands, Jill St. John, Sue Lyon, Richard Conte

Image result for tony rome

Frank Sinatra plays former cop, private detective Anthony Rome, who gets sucked into a jewelry theft turned homicide by his former partner. Working for a wild young heiress to retrieve some missing diamonds leads to world of pimps, strippers, abortionists, and blackmailers. It also leads to Ann Archer (played by Jill St. John who went on to play a Bond Girl in Diamonds are Forever. Tony Rome is textbook private detective stuff- your seedy customers, femme fatales, easy case turned complex-but I like that stuff. Still, the film is in need of some fresh perspective or material. Similar to my qualms with Harper (1966) or Marlowe (1969), the sixties counter-culture era doesn’t lend itself to effective noir. The aesthetics are wrong in my opinion.  This being said, the film is an easygoing, uncomplicated neo-noir and a solid star vehicle for Sinatra.

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