Starring Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw, Amrish Puri, Roshan Seth, Jonathan Ke Quan

Image result for temple of doom


Exhilirating. Bizarre. Scary.

Indy (Ford) returns, though set before the events of the first one, here, stumbling upon a small village in India losing its children to a Thuggee cult. He investigates with the help of Short Round, his young Chinese sidekick, and the diva-esque Willie Scott (Capshaw), leading him to a remote temple full of bizarre rituals and horrors in every corner. My favorite popcorn flick. I adore this movie and every odd choice. No one is better than Spielberg at layering the suspense, or raising the stakes mid-action scene. Superior to the original, thanks to Short Round and the compelling, exotic location. Countless memorable moments including the killer opening.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


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