Starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins, Julia Roberts, Maggie Smith

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Peter Pan (Williams), all grown up and living in America, neglects his children and makes his living as an unscrupulous lawyer. On a visit back to London, Peter comes home to find his children missing and a note left by a Captain Hook. Soon Peter returns to Neverland, and tries to remember his time as the remarkable flying boy. Severely flawed, Hook’s story often feels half-baked. Nostalgia, some better moments occasionally, are enough to make the film passable, plus Williams and Hoffman are great, but this is a pretty poor effort from Spielberg who’s usually a master of storytelling and entertainment.


2 thoughts on “Hook (1991, Directed by Steven Spielberg) English 6

  1. Definitely. I love it because of nostalgia, but I felt they missed an opportunity to bring in some sadder elements like the idea of outliving people you love or growing up in general.


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