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Louis C.K’s demise, of all the abusers and deviants, is probably the most devastating to me. After a decade long battle to keep his shameful and bizarre behavior with a number of his female colleagues/fellow comedians, C.K was finally exposed last month, as a man who asks women if he can masturbate in front of them. Aside from being aberrant, it also falls under inappropriate work place behavior since these were women trying to make it in the same business he has mastered. I say his downfall is devastating not because I am particularly sad (there’s too much distance between me and the revelations being unearthed over in Hollywood, and also, I seem to be perversely fascinated), but because I seem to be selfish. I want more comedy from him. He’s a top three standup comedian all-time in my opinion, and his newest special, the Netflix exclusive “2017” proved he’s still in his prime; or was. When he comes back, if he comes back at all, he can’t hope to be the same comedian. Jokes about cumming in his cat’s face, or jerking off during 9/11 will hereafter be tough sells to his audiences who were once willing to go with him where ever. He could go on SNL and make jokes about child molesters, and the audience gave him the benefit of the doubt, because he was funny, bold, and smart. He could also be insightful and philosophical at times, in betweens bouts of crassness. Louis C.K is eloquent. His apology was eloquent and seemed sincere. But what exactly is his apology worth? We will find out in the months, and years to come, as we wait and see if he’s able to take the stage again and deliver his brand of humor. Right now, he appears to be lumped in with Spacey and Weinstein and Charlie Rose in the ever increasing list of people who may never work again (it amazes me that Polanski still gets a pass). Does Louie belong with those guys? I don’t think so. Because his punishment has been so unfair, it kind of forces me to try and defend him. He’s not an assaulter. He’s a weirdo, and he committed work infractions that in a normal work setting would cost anyone their job. C.K has built his comedic legacy, beyond his ability to make tasteless jokes funny, on mining his personal problems for laughs. I personally would like to see him try again. It won’t be easy.

-Walter Howard-

2 thoughts on “How Long until C.K’s Allowed to be Funny Again?

    1. I honestly have no idea. He’s proven guilty right. Whereas, if you’ve noticed now Woody Allen’s being taken down, a number of these guys whose careers are over were destroyed by things that aren’t necessarily proven or in C.K’S case, things that are wrong but not crimes.


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