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At the age of 58, Kevin Spacey’s career is now over. After more than three decades in the business, the two-time Oscar winner, Broadway regular, and star of a Netflix series,  will probably never work again. He started out in theater, made a brief appearance in the ’80s flick Working Girl as a creepy boss harassing Melanie Griffith, but the ’90s is when he really hit quite the stride: Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), The Usual Suspects (1995), L.A Confidential (1997), A Bug’s Life (1998), and American Beauty (1999). In recent years, he had revitalized his career by playing a string of villainous roles that includes most prominently, House of Cards for television.  By now, everyone pretty much knows. He is part of the massive hammer being dropped on Hollywood abusers that may have claimed another yesterday in Louis C.K. We’ll see. There’s been a number of claims over the past three weeks. Ever since Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein is as big and powerful as it gets in Hollywood, or was. If he could be brought down, it seems it was only a matter of time before all the guilty followed. Should any of the accused be given the benefit of the doubt? Probably not. There’s no innocent until proven guilty in the court of public opinion, and there has been no reason to defend any of the accused yet. It’s more pertinent to talk about degrees of shame. On one side of the scale, you have the assaulters: Weinstein and Spacey for example. They’re dead. On the opposite side, you have old-school male chauvinism (Trump’s locker room talk), with actors like Dustin Hoffman and Richard Dreyfuss. They used their power as elite movie stars to embarrass females that worked with them. I’m curious to see what kind of penalty there will be (if any) for them. There’s not much one can do to them in terms of taking away work. As opposed to Louis C.K, who has been kicked off of everything. It’s more about how big of a hit will their legacy take. Remember that Errol Flynn slept with underage girls apparently, and I don’t believe it has done much to hurt his fandom or watchability.

-Walter Howard-

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