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       Four new Avatar films set in that video game looking world created by James Francis Cameron. Who asked for this? Let me preface, before I explain, since there is some respect due. For all that is said about him, James Cameron just seems to make one enormous hit after another. He gambles wildly with production costs (his upcoming Avatar sequels are said to have a budget of $1 billion), critics cry out that his upcoming film will end his career, and then it’s released to record box office numbers all over the world. He deserves credit for Terminator 2 and Titanic and Avatar, all trailblazing blockbuster films that pushed special effects forward and influenced a decades worth of films thereafter. All this to say, I’d like to go on record, right now, declaring that these upcoming Avatar sequels (four of them to be exact) will fail spectacularly. Gradually at first, right before they fall off the cliff. The first Avatar, which was Pocahontas with aliens, or Dance with Wolves with aliens, or The Last Samurai with aliens (the point being that its plot device has been done to death), was a mediocre entertainment that some how hit the jackpot on timing and…I don’t know what else. I guess just timing. Cameron’s ideas on 3-D technology seemed like the next great innovation, but, like his film which championed it, has drifted into its place as a barely remembered zeitgeist moment. A fad. A moment in history. Hey, remember when the 3-D scam was a big thing? Hey, remember when Avatar was the biggest movie in the world? It made what can round up to 3 billion dollars. And yet has it pervaded pop culture the way, say Star Wars (the benchmark) has, or Game of Thrones in television? I haven’t seen it. I can’t recall hearing one person talking about Avatar in the 8 years since its release. Maybe once with someone confusing it with The Last Airbender, that M. Night Shyamalan film made during his travesty period. How many characters from Avatar can you name? It’s not on the level of Star Wars or other big movie franchises, so the question becomes, does it need to be in order to make the amount of money its budget demands? I predict a severe if not fatal drop off from film 1 to film 2, and then an all out box office bomb for film 3. As it stands now, Avatar 2 comes out in 2020, and Avatar 3 comes out 2021. Eleven years between first and second film. We’ve moved on.

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