My siblings and I took our best shots at predicting the success (both critically and commercially) of various films released last month. Here’s the results (note that if a film already had enough reviews, we didn’t bother to predict its Rotten Tomatoes percentage):

August 4

The Dark Tower

Image result for the dark tower

Nobody saw this film. It’s surprising to me how big of a film this was projected to be. Wasn’t just one or two years ago that Ben Affleck was attached? The final product suggested none of this early perceived potential. I’ll take a point for box office performance, though none of us guessed the Rotten tomatoes score.

Actual: $48 million/16%

Me: $50-60 million/20-30%

David:$80-90 million/20-30%

Ava:$90-100 million/30-40%


Image result for detroit 2017 movie

I’ve yet to see this critically acclaimed drama from Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow. Her films, for whatever reason, just do not make money. We all thought more people would go check this one out in theaters.

Actual: $16 million

Me: $100-110 million

David: $60-70 million

Ava: $80-90 million


Image result for kidnap movie

This Halle Berry flick received almost no promotion, and we rightly predicted low commercial/critical returns, but it wasn’t a complete failure at the box office. In fact, sadly, it made more money than Detroit. David and I will take points for box office.

Actual: $30 million/34%

Me: $20-30 million/ 5-15%

David: $20-30 million/15-25%

Ava: $10-20 million/10-20%

August 11

Annabelle: Creation

Image result for annabelle creation

Unremarkable but solid horror film that made enough to ensure we get at least one more   (but probably 6 more) Annabelle films.

Actual: $93 million

Me: $140-150 million

David: $80-90 million

Ava: $140-150 million

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

Image result for nut job 2

Man this movie was predictably bad. With a subtitle like Nutty by Nature, what did you expect? David can take a point for correctly guessing its crappiness.

Actual: $26 million/ 10%

Me: $70-80 million/ 15-25%

David: $50-60 million/ 10-20%

Ava: $100-110 million/ 40-50%

August 18

Logan Lucky

Image result for logan lucky

Ocean’s 7/11 indeed. A well received indie and return to filmmaking for Soderbergh (I knew he couldn’t stay retired).

Actual: $26 million

Me: $45 million

David: $60 million

Ava: $80 million

David and i tie with two points a piece. I did slightly better this month, but the upcoming stacked months of fall should offer more chances to nail predictions.

-Walter Howard-

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