My siblings and I took our best shots at predicting the success (both critically and commercially) of various films released last month. Here’s the results (note that if a film already had enough reviews, we didn’t bother to predict its Rotten Tomatoes percentage):

July 7

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Image result for spiderman homecoming

A huge hit for Marvel, it nonetheless fell well short of my lofty box office mark. David has a chance of being right here.

Actual:$288 million

Me:$420 million

David:$310 million

Ava: $350 million

July 14

War for the Planet of the Apes

Image result for war for the planet of the apes

Perhaps too high brow for mass market, or maybe not enough star power. Whatever the case, this was an exceptional film with rather pedestrian box office returns for a Summer movie. We all took an L on this one.

Actual: $125 million

Me: $260 million

David: $215 million

Ava: $240 million

July 21

Image result for dunkirk

Stoic and challenging, audiences still turned up. Though I was closer on this film, I still don’t think I have a chance of it meeting my prediction. Little sister takes the prize on the Rotten Tomatoes guess. The haters didn’t show up like I thought they would.

Actual: $120 million/ 93%

Me: $180 million/ 80-90%

David: $225 million/ 80-90%

Ava: $200 million/90-100%

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Image result for valerian and the city of a thousand planets

This looks intriguing, although I, like the rest of you, haven’t seen it. It’s a renter. It’s already flat-lined at just over 30 million. That’s ghastly. I was actually pretty solid on my predictions here despite not picking up any points.

Actual: $34 million/51%

Me:$60 million/55-65%

David:$90 million/65%

Ava:$150 million/ 70%

Girls Trip

Image result for girls trip

This was a very fun and funny movie that’s found its audience, and will continue to make money for a few more weeks. I doubted, and now I’ll eat crow.

Actual:$77 million/ 87%

Me: $35 million/30-40%

David: $105 million/50-60%

Ava: $90 million/ 40-50%

July 28

Image result for atomic blonde

Stylish and impressive as it is, this isn’t nearly the hit that John Wick was. Crowded market?

Actual: $28 million

Me: $80 million

David: $90 million

Ava: $100 million

The Emoji Movie

Image result for the emoji movie

Like the movie itself, I’d just as soon forget all about my predictions for this film. I went all in, and crapped out. This is a historic stinker.

Actual: $40 million/ 7%

Me: $200 million/ 45-55%

David: $90 million/ 35-45%

Ava: $140 million/ 40-50%

Ava and David tie with two points a piece. As you can tell, it was a difficult month for me. Lessons.

-Walter Howard-



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