Okay, so Universal has wanted to reboot what you could really look at as one of their flagship film properties, The Mummy, for about five years now. Universal was built on monster movies beginning in the 1930’s with Dracula (1931 with Bela Lugosi) and Frankenstein (1931, Boris Karloff). In 1932, they released The Mummy also starring Boris Karloff as an ancient mummy named Imhotep who’s brought back to life by a team of archaeologists. The archaeologists are always brilliant when it comes to discovering the lost tombs, then instantly mindless thereafter. They awaken Imhotep, and he wreaks havoc. Remade sixty years later (I’m bypassing the British Hammer productions which I haven’t seen), Universal this time made The Mummy a big budget, action adventure complete with broad humor and Brendan Fraser. Somehow, against all odds, this worked. I personally love this version. While the plot was similar, the Brendan Fraser series of Mummy movies were different movies. Indiana Jones meets The Mummy would have been apt. Now, Tom Cruise headlines yet another presumed series of Mummy films. Universal, inspired by/ ripping off of Marvel’s film production model/gold mine, wants to create a shared monster universe. Russell Crowe, who will play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, therefore will having a short role in this film, before getting his own. The first trailer for this Mummy came out in December and featured memorably Tom Cruise’ weird screams aboard a crashing plane. That was hilarious and prompted several memes, all savage in nature. All in all, I’m expecting a bomb. What does this film want to be? That could probably be my first question. I have so many small issues with what I’ve seen from the trailer, that I’m left with little to no positive expectations for it. Here are my questions:

  1. Will this avoid feeling like the sixth Mission Impossible? Now, I know you’re thinking, I like the mission impossible movies. Would that be so terrible? Yes. The inevitable sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise will likely be another sterling success, but a Mission Impossible/Mummy hybrid would be terrible. It’s already fighting an uphill battle with me by being set in the present. The present is not generally a very interesting setting for a monster movie. All gothic charm is gone instantly.
  2. Can an international model be scary? Based on the trailer. Nope. Image result for sofia boutellaIf your monster’s not scary, what do you have? She looks painfully reminiscent of Enchantress from Suicide Squad. You do not want to remind people of Suicide Squad.
  3. Does this film qualify as a gender reversed remake? Nah, probably not. You still have a white male protagonist. Man, I miss Brendan Fraser.
  4. How much screen time will Russell Crowe get? He played a large role in the film trailers, but my feeling is that he probably will have like a 2 minute cameo, after the end credits or something. That’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I don’t think he will be in it much.
  5. Where is the humor going to come from? I’m talking about intentional humor, of course. Tom Cruise wailing on a plane doesn’t count. The promotional material all looks completely humorless. The poster looks like a young adult best seller.   Image result for the mummy 2017 sofia boutella posterBoo.
  6. Will their be any other tie-ins shown? Johnny Depp is set to play the Invisible Man, Javier Bardem is Frankenstein’s monster. Those are apparently set in stone, so will they make an appearance?

Released June 9th, 2017

-Walter Howard-

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