The second trailer for Marvel’s upcoming film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, was released this week, and though extremely revealing (to some people’s consternation), I have a few questions. What I did like, from what was revealed through the trailer, is Marvel’s (and other big Hollywood franchises) evolving diversity. It looks like with Spider-Man, we get a Filipino friend and a black love interest. Kudos.  It looks like Spider-Man is getting back to being fun, which, in my opinion, it got away from in Andrew Garfield’s versions. I also like the Oscar caliber adult/supporting cast with Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, and Michael Keaton, but, they lead to some of my biggest concerns:

  1. Will Tony Stark steal the show? Because I think he did in Captain America: Civil War. Now, I realize that that was hardly the solo effort that its title would suggest, and it didn’t effect the quality of the film (one of Marvel’s best efforts), but for Spiderman’s first film, shouldn’t he be the star?
  2. No backstory? The idea of no origin story seems to me both necessary and alarming. We have seen Spiderman’s origin twice now. The Sam Raimi take is still engraved in my mind, and to attempt it again would just be tiresome and derivative. However, how does Marvel intend to fill that void? Are we just skipping act 1 and moving straight into acts 2 and 3? The origin story is for me, not a huge superhero fan, the most interesting part, which is why Unbreakable is my favorite superhero movie.
  3. What is Aunt May’s role in this movie? Aunt May has always been (talking purely about the movies) the old fortune cookie of a character/damsel in distress in Peter Parker’s life. Marisa Tomei is considerably younger and more attractive than Sam Raimi’s take on the character. The one glimpse we get of her in the trailer for this movie, she’s wearing a tight shirt of some kind. It just makes me confused.
  4. Can Michael Keaton’s Vulture be scary? Remember Paul Giamatti’s Rhino? Thank God that never materialized beyond a worthless five minute cameo, because that was horrible. Let’s be honest. Peter Parker’s world is full of lame villains. Even the ones that work are extremely silly: the Goblin, Dr. Oc. Sam Raimi and his actors don’t get enough credit for pulling that off. I love Michael Keaton. I basically liked what I saw from the trailer. He thankfully was devoid of a horrible Russian accent-refer back to Paul Giamatti’s Rhino. But most of what we see of him is out of costume. Forgive me Father, I still have doubts.
  5. Why is Spider-Man necessary? We didn’t have this problem back in the Sam Raimi days when he was a singular being in his world, and he didn’t have to compete with Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. (this is a rare case when I’m using etcetera earnestly and not just because I can’t think of any more examples). Who ordered the Spider-Man? We can get Thor. He’s immortal.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to blow up the box-office July 6th of this year.

-Walter Howard-


2 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming / Questions

  1. 1. Well, for me Spidey and Ant-man stole the show in Captain America: Civil War. It’s only fair for Tony to steal it back. I think Spidey will do fine in his own movie but I do think Iron Man’s scenes will shine.

    2. Well, what’s going to happen hear is Spider-man is going to be already established. We’re tired of the origin story for this character, so they’re going to make a movie where he goes on an adventure and deals with some drama. I have a feeling they’re going to address his backstory in the movie either in conversation or flashbacks. I have a feeling it may play a little bit out like the first Hellboy movie where you learn about the hero as the adventure goes along which I prefer to beating us over the head again with “great power comes great responsibility”.

    3. Aunt May’s hot. Marisa Tomei is hot. So Aunt May is hot now 😉 :p

    *ahem* What I meant to say is she’s going to be what Aunt May always is, a maternal figure for Spider-Man. But this time they are doing something different with the interpretation of the character which I feel is welcome. I already have the comic book accurate version in the Sam Raimi films. I’m down for a sexy Aunt May.

    4. Yes. Yes he can. Did you see Birdman? Keaton’s got this. Also, how dare you? Yes, Spider-man’s rogues gallery is a little cheesy but when they are written right they are all bad ass. Except Shocker. We don’t like to talk about Shocker.

    5. This is about bringing the Marvel Universe together again on the big screen. For years now many fans have wanted all of the characters back in control of Marvel Studios so the movie universe can more accurately reflect the comic universe that created it. For us this is really seeing the comics as we have enjoyed them come to life on the big screen. Getting Spider-man back as a Avenger is a hard fought victory for Marvel and for the fans. Now we just need to get the X-men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four back or at least a partnership between Marvel and 20th Century Fox. The new Netflicks series Legion is based off Professor Xavier’s crazy son and if that goes well, hopefully we can get them all back. And maybe without necessarily rebooting the X-men/Deadpool which I feel are overall very good and would be welcome in a shared universe with the Avengers. Fantastic Four….yeah, we’ve got to reboot that.

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  2. So yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Shocker but now I am. He doesn’t actually shock people. He just hits them with a sonic blast. Also he wears a quilt. That’s why we don’t like to talk about Shocker.


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