Starring Catherine May Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Robert Beltran, Sharon Farrell, Mary Woronov

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(6-Good Film)

Simple. Intriguing. Well-executed.

Girl power. Hispanic love interest. Awesome doomsday scenario. This is an extremely entertaining, no budget ’80s movie about sisters who find themselves rare survivors of a comet-induced apocalypse. They meet Hector, and the trio are forced to contend with nature, zombies, raiders, and nefarious scientists. While slight for economic reasons, and not as memorable as some other ’80s cult classics, Night of the Comet is an effective low-budget sci-fi picture with some horror elements.

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


3 thoughts on “Night of the Comet (1984, Directed by Thom Eberhardt) English 6

    1. I did not hear that but it wouldn’t surprise me. Buffy does appear to be inspired by multiple sources. He’s gone on record stating she’s inspired by Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat from X-men. His idea for the character was he had seen so many horror movies where a pretty promiscuous blond walks down a scary alley way and monster always jumps out and kills her. And he started feeling bad for that character so he wanted to write a story where he turned that premise on it’s head and not only did the girl survive the monster attack but she completely kicked it’s ass and triumphed over it.

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