Starring Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen, Stephen Merchant, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant

Superlative send-off for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (and probably Stewart’s Xavier). Drawing from classic westerns like Shane (1953)-which is featured heavily in the film-and maybe The Wild Bunch(1969)-the idea of an aging killer out for one last ride feels reminiscent of Peckinpah’s finest- Logan sets its protagonist in a dusty post-apocalyptic world (2029) where mutants have been almost completely wiped out and no new mutants have been born for some time. Logan does his best to take care of his one remaining friend, Charles Xavier who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, while also trying to poison himself to death, tired of living and watching everything around him fall apart. So, at the start of this picture, Logan is a true anti-hero, but in comes Laura, a young Mexican girl who harbors all of Logan’s mutant gifts, and Wolverine and Xavier set off on one last mission to get her to safety, as an army chases after her. Moving and brutal (the R rating is earned but not gratuitously), this Wolverine is transcendent. More than just a super-hero movie thanks to an intelligent script, and the performances-of course Jackman, but Keen as the little girl is especially impressive considering that she has to hold her own against such an iconic character.

3 thoughts on “Logan (2017, Directed by James Mangold) English 8

  1. Really glad you liked this one. Pretty good way to start out the year for nerd movies. This was hands down the best X-men movie I’ve ever seen and Huge and Patrick left me wanting more. My only minor complaint is apparently the characters Bonebreaker and Pretty Boy were in this movie and I have no idea who they were because they look nothing like their comic book incarnations. All of the Reavers with the exception of Donald Pierce blended in together as generic henchmen. They were good villains; bad ass mutant hunting cyperpunk mercenaries much like they are in the comic but only Donald was distinct and had a voice.

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  2. Yeah, maybe later deleted scenes will provide some clarity on that. I think they were smart though to really strip down the story, and go for simplicity. Unlike something like Captain America, which has its own merits, this really is a Wolverine movie, a solo film, with some great supporting characters, but a solo film ultimately.


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