The nominations for the 89th annual Academy Awards were announced bright and early this Tuesday morning, and, basically, everything unfolded as expected. However, here are some of the things that I found noteworthy:

  1. #Oscars Not So White- Six black nominees in the acting categories this year, plus Dev Patel. Does this erase the last two years in the minds of the outraged? Is this a sign of things to come, or just an anomaly? A fun blip in the course of a 90 year history dominated by one race? I’ve always contended if the studios allowed more diverse films, that there would be more diverse nominees, and that’s what we are seeing this year. Whether that continues or this year is to be like the 79th Academy Awards remains to be seen.
  2. Meryl Streep again-Kind of like the Patriots in the Super Bowl or UCONN’S women basketball team, outside of die-hard fans, we are all wondering when this is going to stop. This is Streep’s 20th nomination for Florence Foster Jenkins. I’ll acknowledge the greatness, but I’m still kind of sick of seeing her nominated.
  3. Aaron Taylor Johnson/Michael Shannon-I haven’t seen Nocturnal Animals, but it is curious to me that Johnson was nominated and won at the Golden Globes for Best Supporting, but was replaced on Oscar ballots with his co-star Michael Shannon.
  4. Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson-That brilliant but crazy film god has finally ascended back to his rightful place among the Hollywood elite. Has Hollywood forgiven him? Maybe not. But they have at least given up trying to hold him back. Next stop. Passion of the Christ 2? What’s that going to be about?
  5. Best Original Song-Smart money (here meaning my money) is on one of the two songs nominated from La La Land. Disney has traditionally owned this category (essentially that is to say, Alan Menken has owned this category). Lin-Manuel Miranda has blown up in the past year or so, and a win could really cement that. I don’t think he’s proven to be on the level of a Menken- I think the film, Moana, and the songs were middle of the pack Disney- but let’s wait and see.
  6. Does the Academy love La La Land as much as the Hollywood Foreign Press?-At first glance, yes. 14 nominations! That’s obscene. The Godfather could get 14 nominations and be in danger of being overrated. That should be exclusively The Godfather part II status (which actually earned 11 noms). Three more nominations than The Godfather part II? I don’t want to, but I’m going to have to start trolling a good movie.

-Walter Howard

One thought on “Oscar Nominations 2017

  1. I love Lin, and this win would get him his EGOT, but I’m not sure he should win this year. You never know with the Oscars. Personally, in terms of this category I’m looking forward to seeing Justin Timberlake perform because that song is my jam!

    I’m really excited that this year showcased more diverse films. Hopefully this continues on and more diverse films are made that aren’t just about white men.

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