Starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Jay Hernandez, Cara Delevingne, Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Adam Beach, Ike Barinholtz

(3-Horrible Film)

Posturing. Unintelligible. Jumbled.

Intent on being a world-conquering puppet master, Amada Waller (Davis, much too good for this) sets about putting together a team of DC’s least popular villains; the idea being that if they fail, the government can just throw the rogues under the bus, and so Deadshot (Smith), Killer Croc (Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Harley Quinn (Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Courtney), and El Diablo (Hernandez) are coerced into taking on an ancient power known as The Enchantress (Delavigne). The film is a mess; structure, character development, plot. All exposition, no flow. The villain is lame. The Joker, as played by Oscar winner Jared Leto, is pointless and unwatchable. The filmmakers clearly focused on the poster more than the script. Worse than Fantastic Four (2015). Worse than Batman and Robin (1998).

-Walter Tyrone Howard-


6 thoughts on “Suicide Squad (2016, Directed by David Ayer) English 3

  1. I stand by worse than last year’s Fantastic Four. That movie at least had structure before it fell apart in the third act. Suicide Squad had no idea what it was going for in terms of tone. Characters and enemies were introduced after they had already been shown in combat. The Joker was completely pointless. And Peeler, you’re right of course.

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    1. lol yeah, thank you. I do this thing where I will actually like “adopt” bad movies where I will watch a really bad movie and hang onto it and every now and then watch it again because I know no one else will. I did that for Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chung Li and Silent Hill: Revelation and yes I did it for 2015’s Fantastic Four. Which is a really bad movie. It’s my number 2 worst of that year. I felt Spectre was actually worse than it. Suicide Squad is one of the movies that came out this year that is so bad I refuse to watch it. I come to that decision based on what I know about the production and what I’ve seen from the trailers and online reviewers. Just from what I’ve seen and heard I know it will piss me off and why do that to myself? But there’s always that voice in my head that makes me feel guilty for not actually watching the movie before hating on it. However, I went to Costa Rica during Christmas stand down and they played it on the plane ride and down and back and I tried not to watch it but I saw a little bit because other people were watching it and yeah……the editing alone makes no sense. I could just tell it was all over the place. It looks like a bad acid trip about people who are trying way to hard to be cool. But at least Margo Robbie has a nice caboose. That’s all it really has going for it. It’s bad but it’s not my worst of the year which I award to Ghostbusters, partially for being shit and pissing on my childhood and partially for being needlessly controversial. The behavior of the cast and crew during the production and after the movie came out I found sickening.

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  2. I’m sure Ive already told you my bad film is Super Mario Bros. I love it. I used to say Bloodsport was a bad film that I love, but I actually think bloodsport apart from its Van Damme acting is a good film.

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    1. I love Super Mario Bros. Dennis Hopper makes that movie for me. I don’t think I’ve seen Bloodsport. I’ve seen the Kickboxer movies which started with Van Damme and ended with Sasha Mitchel. I need to check that out. That’s a classic Van Damme movie.


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