2015’s Best Supporting Actor winner, J.K Simmons, who took home Oscar gold for his performance in Whiplash is the consummate supporting player. He’s done dozens of roles on television and in film, and out of his extensive filmography, I would have to point to Jobs (2013) (the first biopic about Steve Jobs’ life) as his worst film. With Ashton Kutcher in the lead, the drama quickly loses the level of seriousness it intends to have, and the movie hits every generic bullet point-music to emphasize every key point, important speeches, what-have-you. Simmons plays Arthur Rock, a big-time entrepreneur who was one of the earliest people to see potential in Jobs’ vision. Jobs is never bad in the strictest sense of the word, but it’s never surprising. It feels more like a reenactment than a drama, and that’s just oh so boring.

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