The king of Oscar winners at their worst, Nicolas Cage has been much maligned throughout his career for his bizarre choices in films plus his chronic overacting. That’s not to say that Cage can’t be great, because he can. He won his one Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas as a man committed to drinking himself to death. His best performances were in Spike Jonze/ Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation (2002) and Ridley Scott’s Matchstick Men (2003). His worst performance is harder to distinguish. Some might cite Vampire’s Kiss (I happen to think he was brilliant in his own way in that film) or Season of the Witch. Then there’s Left Behind, Ghost Rider, the inexplicable sequel to Ghost Rider, or Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Honorable mentions all around, but my vote goes to the so bad, I love it film, The Wicker Man (2006). It’s a remake of a great movie that has become a classic in its own right thanks in large part to Cage’s unbelievable performance. He goes way over the top, even by his standards. As a cop doing an ex-girlfriend a favor by tracking down her daughter, Cage finds himself on an island with a secret occult life and a surplus of bees.

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