No small feat. Winning back to back Oscars. In its almost ninety year history, there have been only nine men who have won two Oscars in this category, and only one other actor did it back to back-Spencer Tracy. Tom Hanks won his first Oscar in 1994 for Philadelphia and his second, the following year, for Forrest Gump. These two roles helped catapult him to the top of Hollywood’s A-list and he’s been riding a wave of success ever since. If you look back before this period, however, you’ll find he has a few pretty silly and/or mediocre films in his career, and though he was able to elevate many of them, he had no such luck with The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), costarring Melanie Griffith, Bruce Willis, and Morgan Freeman. Based on the well-regarded novel by Tom Wolfe, this adaptation is a lesson in what not to do. It gets just about everything wrong which includes casting Hanks as a selfish and callous Wall Street guy caught up in a moral dilemma that sparks a racial war. Hanks is one of the most likeable actors in Hollywood. He can’t be your symbol of greed. No matter how good of an actor he is.

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