Three time Oscar winner, Jack Nicholson, is one of Hollywood’s greatest living stars.  His win in 1998 came for the James L. Brooks’ comedy As Good as it Gets, making it the second time Nicholson won an Oscar working with the director; after eighties classic, Terms of Endearment. Like most actors though, he had to work his way to the A-list, and his career started in Roger Corman B-movies; low budget schlock fests designed to make a quick return. Some of these films are cult classics like Little Shop of Horrors in 1960, but some are just cheap like 1963’s The Terror in which he costarred with Boris Karloff. Nicholson’s character gets seduced to a haunted castle by a beautiful woman (played by his wife at the time, Sandra Knight) and finds it hard to leave. Nothing much happens in the movie, so it can’t even be put in the so bad it’s good category. Nicholson, himself, admitted that the film was, “incredibly bad.”

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